Digital Download it Yourself, Self Love Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planner for 3 Months. {Only $27!}

Digital Download it Yourself, Self Love Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planner for 3 Months. {Only $27!}

Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed & Run Down By Everyday Life? Do You Feel Like You're Not Getting Anything Most Important To You Done? Just Catching Up With Life Is All You're Ever Doing, Time Goes By And Dreams Stay Unfulfilled?

The Overwhelm Stops Here! Would You Like To...

  • Use the science of artful goal setting so that you know HOW TO SET GOALS THAT ARE ALIGNED TO YOUR HIGHEST, BEST, AUTHENTIC SELF. Having written goals coming from who you really are means they will be most powerful to you to be the HAPPIEST and most PURPOSEFUL version of yourself!
  • Manage daily life in a way that works best with how your BRAIN LOVES TO PROCESS INFORMATION THE EASIEST. Start with YOUR BIGGER PICTURE for your life in mind and then CHUNK IT DOWN INTO THE GORGEOUS DETAILS to CREATE the LIFESTYLE that is truly IDEAL TO YOU!
  • Set your 3 YEAR VISION for your life with GUIDANCE FROM LAUREN to make sure your vision is ALIGNED TO YOUR SOUL'S CODE. Once you have your 3 Year Vision we break it down into YOUR 1 YEAR SELF LOVE MISSION and then down even further into YOUR 3 MONTH SELF LOVE QUEST.
  • Using this SELF LOVE JOURNAL will keep you ON YOUR OWN PATH IN manifesting and achieving your goals INSTEAD OF COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS! Your life and your journey is completely unique to you so instead of constantly feeling like you are not up to speed with where you think you need to be, you realise that YOUR PATH TO YOUR DREAMS are in fact coming to fruition for as long as you TAKE ACTION IN ALIGNMENT TO YOUR UNIQUE GOALS & DREAMS.
  • This Journal will be your GREATEST TOOL in KEEPING YOU ON PATH to your goals WHILST NURTURING YOUR PRACTICE OF SELF LOVE Since Self Love is the KEY TO CREATING YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT IT TO BE - AND LOVING IT with each new day and learning you make for your ultimate growth & contribution in this lifetime.

It's not just another planner. It has been designed in a particular way for you to start with big picture thinking aligned to who you are, then manage the daily details that will actually get you closer to where you want to be.
Set & Focus on just 3 Important Goals for this Journal. These are informed from doing your 3 Year Vision and 1 Year Mission dream boarding.  
Monthly Planning for your 3 Month Self Love Quest. 

It's undated for 3 months only. It includes;  1 year vision broken down into what you need to achieve in a quarter. 3 x monthly planners, 13 x weekly planners plus over 90 x daily 2 page spread and blank pages for ideas at the back.

You will also get; Support from Lauren in how best to use it via FB Group, a short video & free interactive, goal setting webinars to have you set up your goals for the 3 months. Making sure you are loving using this amazing tool that really does make a huge difference to your focus everyday. 

You will have the choice to be apart of the community and be kept accountable to your goals.

This journal has you focus on all areas of your life.
BONUS: Beautiful Bookmarks that guide you to focus on each of the key areas of Self Love and to help keep your spots in your journal. It makes sure you spend your time on your highest values. Each day document your deep gratitude, your self-forgiveness & self-love practice as well as your schedule.  

Daily Planning for your 3 Month Self Love Quest. 

It makes sure you spend your time on your highest values. 

Using a wonderful metaphor of "The Big Rocks" story, I've adapted it slightly to beautiful diamonds and you will learn why and how it relates to staying on your path.

Download it once, print it as many times as you need to, forever! You will receive an email for both an A5 booklet format and instructions on how to print it best AND get it as an A4 Landscape version to use in a beautiful Compendium like Lauren does now. 

Here's What You Get: 2 x different versions PDF Journal to Download  - A5 and A4 size. BONUS: Free Webinar On How To Use Your Journal or Recording Plus Clear Instructions on How to Use it! 

Who's Lauren, The Creator?

Lauren from a very young age has always been aspiring to discover, learn and experience new ways in which to improve the quality of her life and consequently, the life of others.  Having experienced hypnosis when she was 16 years old that allowed her to overcome years of chronic pain, Lauren’s life had changed forever. It was from that experience onward she knew that in this lifetime it would be her mission to share that feeling of empowerment with as many people as she could to help others realise their infinite potential.

Lauren attended an introduction weekend workshop on NLP in 2005 and she found that she wanted to learn the skills and be able to share what she just experienced with others. She became certified as an NLP Practitioner just months after experiencing the weekend, learning & teaching ever since, now 11 years later she is a Master Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP and Matrix Therapies along with other modalities such as Hypnosis, Chakra Mindset and the Universal Laws through Archetypes.

In the 9 years that she has trained NLP, Matrix Therapies, Hypnosis & now, Archetypal Coaching, she has taught literally hundreds of wonderful people that say she “transcends age with her wisdom & guidance”.

Lauren was the Vice Chair Person of the Australian Board of NLP as high standards of the NLP field is important to her. She is also a Registered Trainer Member and Clinical Member at the ABNLP and a Full Member of IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists).

Traveling to Egypt on a spiritual quest like no other tour and to Southern France to study the Sacred Feminine & Masculine, Lauren can’t wait to share more about ancient wisdom with you at the 22 Principles of Success, Love & Happiness event – the next one in early 2019. Order Your Journal Today xx


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Digital Download it Yourself, Self Love Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planner for 3 Months. {Only $27!}
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