NLP Level 1 Certification: NLP Practitioner Training with Cat & Lauren

NLP Level 1 Certification: NLP Practitioner Training with Cat & Lauren

Sydney, 25th to 31st July 2020

Join Lauren Jobson and Cat Valentine for a fully certified 7 day Accelerated NLP Training, where Life-Changing shifts happen and you learn the skill set that truly benefits all areas of your life – how to use the Power of Your Own Mind.

Is it time to connect to your inner resources, reach your highest potential and truly transform your life? Most people are drawn to NLP because they want to make a change in some area of their life. In relationships, business, career or simply having a feeling of more energy and clarity about their future.“Truly life changing” “I can honestly say I’m a better person today as a result of the NLP Training” “I feel I have learned so much, I feel so much more confident…” “I most enjoyed the incredible transformation I experienced,…”These are just some of the comments we constantly hear from our NLP Prac training participants. What are YOU looking for?

Do you want to:

  • Get ‘Unstuck’ and move freely towards your goals?
  • Clear out your old self sabotaging behaviours and make that inner critic your ally?
  • Get past your own fears and frustrations easily and build your confidence instantly?
  • Be empowered with the best Communication Skills for when it’s time to get your message across?
  • Have more powerful ways to motivate yourself and others?
  • Be more resourceful when dealing with others’ resistance or objections?

I’m here to tell you, that you can do all of the above, all you need is 7 days and a genuine interest to explore your own mind and take a different approach to change!

I want to tell you about the NLP Prac Training, one of the most powerful set of tools you can have in your life toolbox to effortlessly expand your comfort zone, rid yourself of unconscious blocks & limitations!

Chances are you have already done other personal development and you know that you can achieve what you believe is possible, you are capable of and you feel you deserve. You know your mindset is the most crucial success factor no matter what your endeavour.

So learning how to take charge of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours are critical. You probably know a lot already about what you SHOULD be thinking, however that doesn’t mean you always DO and sometimes doubts, fears and that relentless inner critic can make enormous demands on your willpower.
You find yourself pushing on regardless, but sometimes it just feels like hard work. 

What if there was an easier way to move forward by removing all those doubts and turn that inner critic into an encouraging friend? 

Well, now you can! All you need are the tools that allow you to effortlessly change your mind and keep the change! And that’s exactly what the NLP Practitioner Training gives you. 

Imagine if you could… 

  • Find out what limiting belief has you sabotage your own efforts and remove it
  • Remove old fears and frustrations that had you stuck in your old ways within just a few minutes
  • Have the tools to motivate yourself and to build your own confidence so you can move forward more easily without relying on someone else’s ‘pep talk’
  • Build your own and others’ self confidence with subtle language patterns that make others feel empowered and in control
  • Know just how to convey a message so you don’t hit resistance but your message is taken on board, truly considered and acted on

...How would that be?

That is exactly what our NLP Practitioner Graduates can now do on a daily basis. Where it previously took you sometimes months to remove limiting beliefs and build confidence, you can now make changes in a mere hour or even less. Imagine rather than pushing yourself hard to be disciplined and strong and do things even though they may be uncomfortable. You can remove your own mental blocks which were stopping you and just move on easily with more confidence and motivation. How would that be?

What others have said about doing the NLP Practitioner Training with Lauren: 

The difference between many and Lauren is this, while knowledge is a powerful tool to know, without the emotional intelligence, heart centered intuition, and deep understanding of organised thought, that Lauren possesses in abundance, it is just knowledge! Lauren is a gifted person, coach and trainer, who makes a difference.

Her programs are not designed merely by content, they are guaranteed to transform.I don’t know about you, I’m just so glad that I believed in myself like Lauren believed in me.
 – Kim McFarlane from Live love Grow Coaching & Opus Jewels

Thank you again for the program. I really appreciated your delivery, teaching style and knowledge. You were really terrific, excellent quality!

 - M. Cohen, Highly Successful Business Woman, Sydney

 I feel continually privileged that my path has crossed with Lauren’s. She is a true professional in every sense. Lauren is highly driven and incredibly focused with endless reserves of passion and this is what really makes Lauren unique.

 - Susie Thompson, Premium Services Analyst, Sydney 

Lauren's training techniques are so incredibly personable that I love returning to her to learn more about NLP. I have attended her sessions so many times because I love how down-to-earth she is! She will speak of a particular practice and help me to dedicate it to my own life rather than simply speaking to a group and expecting us all to understand immediately. She makes learning fun and so insightful!
 - S. M, Creative Consultant & Designer, Sydney 

NLP gives you a manual for the human mind helping you to communicate more effectively and change your behaviours, habits, thoughts and emotions. NLP takes into account the fact that at least 90% of communication is unconscious and teaches the use of powerful language, body language and acute observation skills to influence others and empower them to make changes in the way they feel, think and behave.

Some of the world’s most influential people such as Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Jay Abraham, Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama are practicing NLP. Peak performance sports personalities such as Andre Agassi and of course motivational speakers such as Anthony Robbins have been using these powerful techniques for years to get to the top of their game and impact others’ lives in a big way. 

In a nutshell, doing the NLP Practitioner Training means learning: 

  • HOW the mind works
  • HOW our use of language influences how we think
  • HOW to read others’ verbal and non-verbal signals
  • HOW we can tap into the unconscious mind to change beliefs, emotions and behaviours instantly for ourselves and others
  • HOW to take full control of our emotional states and thoughts and use them to our advantage
  • HOW to make deep, lasting and profound change

It therefore allows us to build trust with anyone, influence others easily and with integrity and empower them to reprogram themselves with more useful beliefs so they and you, can get the results they want or simply for yourself.

Here is an Overview of what you will learn at the NLP Practitioner Training

Module 1: Communication Matrix
Communicate with Power and Integrity 

  • HOW the mind works
  • HOW our use of language influences how we think
  • HOW to read others’ verbal and non-verbal signals
  • HOW we can tap into the unconscious mind to change beliefs, emotions and behaviours instantly for ourselves and others
  • HOW to take full control of our emotional states and thoughts and use them to our advantage

Module 2: Mind Matrix
Introduction to NLP

  • How the brain functions and the mind works
  • Themes of NLP – Profound knowledge of human behaviour
  • Presuppositions of NLP – The beliefs of outstanding communicators
  • Change Habits and Patterns – Personal Empowerment
  • Submodalities – Change minor addictions, enhance motivation and take control of the meanings you give to events
  • Swish – rid yourself of fears, bad habits and create compelling behaviours

Anchoring – Motivation and State Control

  • Resource Anchors – Feel resourceful and positive whenever you want
  • Collapsing Anchors – Overcome frustration and negative emotions to external triggers
  • Integrating Anchors – Feel confident in challenging situations
  • Turn Procrastination into Motivation

Negotiation and Influence with Integrity

  • Reframing & Preframing – Helping others see new view points
  • Hierarchy of Ideas – Conflict resolution, flexibility in communication and thinking
  • Milton Model – The language of influence
  • Meta Model – Effective questioning skills, discover the real issue

Module 3: Emotional Matrix
Resolve conflict and incongruence

  • Metaphors that transform thinking
  • Wisdom Training – gain insight into others’ behaviour
  • Parts Integrations – Resolving internal and external conflict
  • Phobia Cure - Getting rid of fears and phobias

Strategies – How people do what they do

  • Motivation Strategies – How to motivate others
  • Relationship Strategies – Knowing the unconscious pattern for deep love so you can trigger it in yourself and your partner

Includes a second Certification:

Matrix Therapies Practitioner

  • Clearing Parental Programs and key people - has you let go of many limiting beliefs and emotions in one process. Not many NLP Trainings teach such a deep & profound technique!
  • Clearing Negative Emotions
  • Clearing Negative and Limiting Beliefs
  • Clearing Anxiety
  • Goal Setting Process - Talk to your Successful Future Self 

What makes NLP Practitioner Training so special and different to other personal development training?

  • You will experience every technique you learn. This means learning these skills you will also make massive changes in YOUR mindset and life right then and there. It is common for transformation to happen for participants during this training.
  • You will learn at a conscious and unconscious level which makes learning seem effortless, easy and fun. You will find yourself applying your new skills before the course is over, guaranteed!
  • There will be tangible new skills that you can apply immediately to your business and personal life. If you haven’t used NLP before you will be amazed at the far superior results, I guarantee it!

So how does the training run and what is involved?

Here is what you receive:

1.) A set of 24 CDs on USB will be sent to you upfront because I want you to get the most out of our live training. This allows you to take in a lot of fascinating information in your own time having you ready to integrate it all at the training.

2.) 7 Days of live training where you will learn all the foundation NLP skills to facilitate change within yourself and your clients.

3.) Certifications as an NLP Practitioner & Matrix Therapies Practitioner once you have successfully participated in all exercises.

4.) Ongoing direct email and phone access to Lauren Jobson, your trainer, long after the training has finished. Lauren is very happy to assist all her Prac graduates after they have completed their training with brief emails and phone call advice or in special rate coaching sessions in person or over the phone and because we live in Australia you have real access to us.

5.) Lauren was Vice Chair Person of the Australian Board of NLP, putting her at the leading-edge of NLP in Australia and ensuring that your qualifications are recognised and of the highest standards.


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