Passion & Purpose plus Problem Pattern Resolver Coaching


I am so excited to announce that as of May 2019, I can now offer an extra piece of the puzzle when it comes to learning about who you are and how to transform your life to the next level.

For many years I have offered the amazing package of Passion & Purpose coaching and now I am combining it with offering the profound Problem Pattern Resolver! - both of these created by Pip McKay.

This coaching package is getting to know your Archetypal Identity on a really deep level. This means, that you innately have 3 energies that make you who you are, passionate and on purpose when you are in them. You then have a talent archetype which is your secret to how you make money and make money doing your Passion & Purpose! 

Out of the 8 possible Identity Archetypes, 3 of them being your Passion & Purpose archetypes, 1 your talent, it then leaves the other 4 to the recurring energy pattern that makes up all of your problems in life. Wow! Knowing this about yourself is truly insightful and allows us to resolve old, stuck and repeated problems so that you can live more in your genius flow and be aware for when you do start to go into your problem pattern. 

Working with the archetypes is working with our soul's code. They inform who we are and what we do on a very deep level.

Let's work together over 6 to 7 profound sessions to discover your archetypes, clear away the shadow aspects that are creating your blocks and limitations and truly transform the way you see yourself and how you create your life. 

Specifically, this is what we will cover in this coaching program:

Of course, I will always work with what you need personally so this is just an outline of what can be expected:

Session 1:
Discover your Soul's Code and find your 3 Passion & Purpose Archetypes, your talent archetype and then your Genius Flow - the order of your authentic energies that have you at your best and happiest self. 

Session 2:
We will look at one area of your life, for example, your business and we let your archetypes inform what are all of your ideals for your business. We then look at how much your ideals are being fulfilled right now in this area. So what is your ideal business? We don't just elicit from your headspace, but in doing so with your archetypes, we get your ideal business from your Passion & Purpose archetypes. We will then be able to quickly see any limiting beliefs and emotions that are preventing you from fulfilling your ideal business. 

Session 3:
We will continue to do any clearing work from session 2 as we would have come across some key and core blocks needing to be resolved. We use Matrix Therapies for this. We then will get a clear action plan for all the specific steps to take in fulfilling your Passion & Purpose. We have you step into each archetype to get from them any advice, insight, and suggestions for your goal setting. 

Session 4: 
As you are now clear on the way forward from the previous sessions. It is time now to look at any shadow archetypes or invisible archetypes that are causing any inner conflicts, confusion, procrastination or sabotage. Since there are the 8 Identity Archetypes we will now look at the 4 archetypes that work in a particular order, creating your problem pattern. We discover how the 4 core fears could be stopping you from fulfilling our potential and which ones are a them for you. These include; what if it is all meaningless (spirit fear)
what if I am unlovable (emotions fear) 
what if I am not worthy (mental fear)
what if I am doing my potential eg. won't have enough money etc. (body fear).  
We do a clearing process for each of your problem pattern archetypes. This is profound in having you stop problems in your tracks and to keep evolving. 

Session 5:
We will be continuing to do the clearing processes of each problem pattern archetype. This is using a specific and unique script in Matrix Therapies, recently been birthed by Pip McKay, the creator of Matrix Therapies. 

Session 6:
This is open to any possibility that is needed. It could be needing to look at other negative influence clearing or we could do some specific strategy work on helping you take action using NLP motivation techniques etc. 

Here is a video on the Passion & Purpose Archetypes.

Let's do this Archetypal Thing!

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This is a Live Coaching Package held in Sydney, Australia or we can do online with Zoom.

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